Hayley Harrison’s work examines our disconnection with ‘nature’ and each other - via discarded materials, text, performance and film. Through the rituals of making and performance she commiserates redundant packaging and honours ‘natural’ products, questioning the anthropocentric distinctions we make between the human and non-human world. The work navigates home, as a shelter, a community and ancestry drawing from two perspectives: the anxiety of her childhood experiences of family and the refuge of nature, and the current world-wide anxiety of climate change and loss of community. She is interested in the implications of the language we use around ecology and our human-centric understanding of time.

The work is often site specific; the debris of consumerism (IKEA packaging, plastic bags, crisp packets) are used as a surface and container for art mediums. These awkward surfaces suggest ghostly terrains and topographies, which are transformed into installations and props for performances. Part of her process involves reconfiguring, elements that make up these installations into new, archetypal structures, adapting and responding to new spaces in which she exhibits and performs. The debris is collected from her natural environment, the streets around her studio, or the towpaths around her narrowboat, on which she lives. These fabricated landscapes and performances question our complicated relationship with the biosphere, which we have processed and objectified. 


Hayley's studio practice is based in Haggerston - London please email for further information, to arrange a studio visit or to join Hayley's mailing list.